Conformal Coating System MPC-SC Series

MPC-SC 250BT/ 350BT

MPC-SC 350A/ 450A

Brochure - Conformal Coating System MPC-SC (PDF)


MPC-SC Conformal Coating System, is design based on MPC (Multi-Purpose Cell) platform, to provide clean & efficient selective conformal coating process.

System configuration comes with

  • Bench-Top (Manual Laoding)
  • Off-line (Manual Loading)
  • In-Line (Conveyor)

Programming Software

UAP -MPC (ver 3.0) is built-in with system control software MPC.exe (ver 4.5), a user friendly programming tool to allow coating profile to be generated through PC remote mode.

Spray Valve Types:

Three main spray valve types provide selective coating area and different coat thickness.

  • Air Atomize Spray Valve
  • Airless Spray Valve
  • Needle Micro-Spray Valve

Additional features - long nozzle/ needle, valve-part rotate & tilt mechanism, variable pressure control (digital/ manual) etc enhance the coating process.

Model Listing:

  • MPC-SC 250
  • MPC-SC 350
  • MPC-SC 450
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