Multi-Purpose Cell (MPC) System

ETUAN MPC Series is designed with common platform which allows the system to configure for many applications
This Series comes in three (3) main types                                                                               Applications >                   
  • Bench-top "BT" Type
  • Aluminium Profile Base Structure "A" Type
  • Steel Base Structure "S" Type
It can be configured up to three (3) applications, e.g. dispensing + pick & Place + inspection in a single system.

MPC Series provides easy switching from one application to another, hence it is a cost effective solution for many industries.

MPC Series Type "BT"

MPC Series Type "A"

MPC Series Type "S"

Brochure - MPC Series (PDF)

Model Listing:

  • MPC 250BT, 250ES, 250A-IL
  • MPC 350BT, 350A, 350A-IL
  • MPC 450A, 450A-IL
  • MPCH 350S, 350S-IL
  • MPCH 450S, 450S-IL


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